Dog Food Recall

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Dear Valued Clients,

To help keep you updated on the ongoing recalls we have put together a recent list of the dog food recalls. We have also attached some websites that may help keep you up to date.

Dog Food Recalls

Dog food recalls are vital to maintaining a safe food supply for our pets. They can be conducted in one of three ways… by a pet food company voluntarily, at the specific request of the Food and Drug Administration or by legal authority.

Recent Dog Food Recalls

  • Solid Gold Dog Food Recall (5/8/2012)
  • Apex Dog Food Recall (5/7/2012)
  • Diamond Dog Food Recall Summary (5/6/2012)
  • Canidae Dog Food Recall (5/5/2012)
  • Wellness Dog Food Recall (5/5/2012)
  • Natural Balance Dog Food Recall (5/5/2012)
  • Kirkland Dog Food Recall (5/5/2012)

Here are some links to the FDA and Dog Food Advisor to help keep you updated on recent Dog Food Recalls.


Dog Food Recalls: