Testimonials From Clients

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I went to this facility for years and years. They were always friendly, fast, and fair with the price. I had a French Bulldog that got a puppy stuck trying ot deliver and they performed a C-section for us. Even with the stuck puppy going through a really rough time... all the puppies survived and came home with mom very quickly. I would recommend this place to anyone nearby or looking for a place that stays open late. They are worth the drive!



What a beautiful place to take you pet in for a check up! I am always greeted kindly when I come to Sunset. The Doctors see me quickly and always treat my Sally (Lab) as if she were their own. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and appreciate the level of service they give me each time I go.


Our adventure started a year and a half ago. A relative had bought our cat a toy mouse with balls for its hands and feet. Our kitten (at the time) had torn off one of the balls and (accidentally or otherwise) swallowed one of the balls while my bf and I were at work. He gradually stops eating.

Freaking out, we called the only vet open at 8PM on Sunday. The vet tech on the phone was calm and patient with us (while we were practically hysterical). She directed us to bring him (our kitten) in asap. When he brought him in, they took us to a wait room immediately.

The vet, Dr. Branstad, came in and started feeling around and said he definitely had something lodged in his small intestine area. After an x-ray, she said they would keep him overnight with fluids to see if it would flush out.

The next morning, she called my bf to tell him he might have to have surgery to remove the blockage. After explaining to her about our financial situation (both of us working uni students), she was able to work out a deal with us to ensure our kitten would return home with us.

After three days, they provided us with antibiotics, pain meds, and our cone-donning kitten. Ever since that day, we've returned to Dr. Branstad to do everything for Zorro, vaccines, neutering, everything. I've never had any problems with him or them.

The techs are always friendly and quick, which is saying a lot considering just how many things are going on with a stream of people and animals coming and going.

Because there is a lot of coming and going, we get to observe a lot of the clientele (human and otherwise), particularly owners coming to reclaim their dogs from boarding. I've never seen anyone complain or anything apparently wrong with the dogs.


I wasn't sure how to go about posting a review for your hospital, so I am going about it this way and hope you can somehow post my comments.  Last week, my puppy Nico was hit by a speeding car right in front of my house.  He suffered 3 significant lacerations, 2 broken ribs, 3 fractured vertebrae, a bruised lung and bruised liver, not to mention a cardiac infarction he gave me, his mama.  My son and I brought him in to Sunset Animal Medical Center, not even knowing if you were opened and received unbelievable service even before we stepped in the front door.  One of the technicians, unfortunately I do not remember her name, immediately took our injured pup and staff got us back to an exam room immediately!!  Nico was brought to the back to get a thorough exam.  Dr. Arbios came in shortly after to explain what was happening and what she would be doing.  She was unbelievably compassionate, professional and thorough in her explanations.  My son and I went home and returned a couple hours later to a patched up doggy and staff that were nothing less than kind and caring. I am so grateful to Dr. Arbios not only for her expertise but her caring demeanor to Nico and my son and I.  The staff were very courteous and one of them had even cut up my puppy's pain medicine so I could give him the right amount.  The next day, Nico was having difficulty emptying his bladder from all his trauma and I left a message during the day since I was working and Nico was home with my son,  Dr. Arbios called me to check up on him as I happened to be coming through the front door to have him checked out. Once again, Dr. Arbios was very caring and examined Nico.  I could continue on, but want to say again how grateful and appreciative I am of all the wonderful care Nico received. He is recovering very well by the way.
Cindy Mori